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Vardborg - Crabber (Faroese)

LOCATION: Peterhead Shiphall



WORKS PROGRAMME - Included stripping out of old fish hold linings, electrics, opening up bulkheads and totally rebuilding of fish hold with new washable linings on walls and deckheads which were then injected with insulation materials to reduce the possibility of temperature loss. A new floor was built and insulated on top of the existing concrete floor which will carry and transfer heat up to the marketable product which can deteriorate very quickly.

Once the floor is built and insulated, fibre glass is then spray applied over the whole floor with a non slip aggregate added to the resin. This will now leave a safe and tough abrasion resistant floor which, along with the new walls and roof created, enhances the storage environment of the cargo hold which is now more hygenic and easily cleaned and ultimately leads to increase in quality of the final product.

Along with the hold rebuild was the creation and installation of 2 new stainless steel piped blast freezers in the main cargo hold and inside the blast freeze tunnel created. The cargo hold was also rewired and fitted with new lights, new sump pumps, and renewed pipework and fittings. Once complete, the Faroese veterinary and factory standards agency was very satisfied with the quality of the works achieved.

Onboard, the Vardborg had extensive waterblasting carried out. Inboard was totally repainted using 2 pack epoxy primers and finished with polyurethene topcoats. Polyurea self levelling compound was applied to internal floor surfaces of food store, alleyway, galley and shower areas, leaving an impregnable water resistant surface.

Extensive fabrication and pipe fitting works were also undertaken along above decks and in engine room.

Rewiring and new lights were fitted to the deck shelter along with extensive wiring in wheelhouse and accommodation where required.

These works were all carried out in close conjunction with the owners from start to finish which delivered good value, quality and customer satisfaction.

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