CUSTOMER: Shetland

LOCATION: Peterhead Shiphall

The Alison Kay arrived in Peterhead Shiphall during the month of February when painting conditions can be unfavourable. The shiphall ensures that work can progress constantly no matter what the weather conditions are. The Shetland registered Alison Kay underwent intense waterblasting. The underwater anti fouling coating was waterblasted back to the bare metal surface. It was then waterblasted using UHP Blasting Equipment at 30000psi in order to have coatings broken down, removed and built back to a more even and fuel efficient finish. Due to the breakdown of old anti fouling coatings the Alison Kay used a lot more fuel. This was due to the underwater hulls having an uneven finish. Due to the uneven finish, the hulls would foul up with marine growth quicker than an even, smooth hull resulting in more drag when sailing, thus using more fuel.

After waterblasting back to the bare metal surface, the underwater hull recieved 2 coats of 2 pack epoxy primer and 2 coats of self polishing anti fouling paint. The anti fouling paint provides the vessel with no fouling build up problems between Dry Docking which ultimately saves money on fuel and running costs. This in turn has a considerable effect on the environment by reducing omissions.

The topsides and inboard of the Alison Kay were spot blasted and built up with 2 coats of 2 pack epoxy primer before receiving high build base coats and a topcoating of 2 pack polyurethane finish to leave the Alison Kay looking very well and in excellent condition.