LOCATION: Skagen – Denmark

PBP Services were contracted by the owners of the 74m LK registered mid water pelagic trawler Altaire to provide blast cleaning and a 3-4 year maintenance free coating system.

Our experienced and dedicated team set up went to work on a 7 days per week basis during the 2 month refit and tie up in Skagen working very closley with the owners as well as Kartensens Shipyard in Denmark.

These works involved masking and covering up to protect sensitive areas and surfaces in preparation for the grit blasting of any corrosive and rust affected surfaces inboard as well as on outer hull above the waterline.

Plant and equipment was mobilised and set up and over a 2 week period the vessel required surfaces  were grit blasted and prepared for zinc priming applications, which was applied at the end of each 4-6 hour blasting period smaller rust spots were also mechanically cleaned back to bare metal and primed in order to prevent damage to surrounding good paintwork surfaces.

Once grit blasting and zinc coating was completed the used grit media was then cleaned and bagged up and removed which left the vessel ready to be fully fresh water high pressure washed down to make ready for coating applications, the second coat of 2 pack mastic primer was then applied over all zinc primed surfaces, and a third coat of 2 pack epoxy primer base coat.

The Altaire was then fully painted from the top of the mast to the waterline with 2 pack polyurethane topcoats which mostly received 2 full coats to outer hull superstructures, wheelhouse, deck works, handrails, deck equipment and machinery deck surfaces were cut in and received 2 coats of 2 pack non slip deck paint. All finishing detail including applying all names, numbers, lines and waterline

were carried out to the highest of standards. 

On entry to the dry dock the Altaire was pressure washed down and underwater hull primed up and  a coating TBT free self polishing 2 year anti fouling was applied.

These works were completed ahead of schedule and to the highest of quality which left the Altaires owners very happy with the finished works prior to going back to Sea.