On completion of house building works PBP Services were contacted by owners to provide a more asthetically pleasing finish to the top of concrete slab balcony and patio area which was left in a poured screed concrete finish.

The decorative stone carpet effect was chosen which totally transformed the visual impact of the balcony along the front of the house.

The system involved surface preparation and filling of any uneven areas prior to application.  Once prepared the rapid cure resin bonding primer was applied ready for resin bound stone application to all surfaces.

The highly decorative stone carpet was then overcoated with two full coats of resin topsealer to leave a tough hard weather surface which is waterproof and frost impermeable.

Stone Carpet is a heavy duty highly decorative seamless resin compound bound with highly decorative round stones, it is imported from Italy and can be laid to various internal or external surfaces eg public bars, nightclubs, car showrooms, garage, garden centres, paths, patios and driveways either under new construction or to re-vitalise tired and deteriorating surfaces.