CUSTOMER: Greenland

TIMESCALE: 4 weeks

LOCATION: Fraserburgh Shiplift

Refurbishment work on the Nuuk based Claudia, which was built by Johs Kristensen ApS in Denmark in 1978, included the external ice classification hull being fully water blasted before recoating with reinforced glassflake paint to withstand the rigours of fishing in ice.

The Trawlers superstructure received a four coat 2-pack paint system while the decks were treated with non-slip screed applications.  After Claudia’s fresh water tanks were cut open for blast cleaning before specialist lining applications are applied.  In order to enhance catch quality, the previous insulation and linings in the trawler’s freezer hold and fishroom were removed before being coated with new materials.  This process included using specialist equipment to spray on new fully integral GRP linings to which anti-bacterial coatings were subsequently applied in accordance with health and hygiene requirements.

All surfaces on Claudia’s factory deck were also treated with similar anti-bacterial coatings after the catch-handling area had been fully water blasted in preperation for receiving polyurea encasement coatings to achieve an extremely durable rubber/plastic surface.