The final touch to finish high spec dog kennels was to install a maintenance free, hygienic, seamless non slip resin flooring application.  Flooring was visually attractive to match the surrounding high standards of finish which would undoubtly stand the test of time for many years to come.

The works were setup prepared and commenced using the highest standard of German manufactured certified rapid cure resin installed by highly experienced and specifically trained.

The first step was to prepare the smooth new concrete floor which can be done either by vaccum sanding or vaccum blast cleaning in order to provide a surface profile for adhesion purposes.   Once prepared one full coat of 1 hour cure resin bonding primer was applied to all floors and the first block above the floor to tie in with wall lining aqua panel boards.  A floor to wall coving quartz resin compound was applied to seal and protect the first cement block above floor level which tied in the floor up to the edge of the aqua panel wall linings on all surrounding walls and pens in order to provide ease of washing and cleaning.

The next step in the process was to apply the self levelling floor resin compound with the broadcasted on decorative flecks over the complete floor and floor to wall coving detail.  Once ths process is complete 2 x full coats of resin top sealer coats was applied with aluminium oxide aggregrate blended in to achieve an easily cleanable non slip surface in order to help the excitable puppies from slipping around and hurting themselves.

On completion the owners of kennels were absolutely delighted with the speed of installation of works as well as the quality and visual appearance of the finished flooring.  The installation of resin flooring will aid the safety and wellbeing of the dogs and puppies for many years to come.