Over the years PBP Services has developed a strong relationship with the Faroese fishing community which to date has resulted in refit works to a growing number of the fishing fleet these include Jens Leon, Havabugvin, Polarstjornan, Nordsoki, Thor Company, Guldberg, Sjagaklettur, Breidanes, Hamranes, Neils Pauli, Guldberg, Volunteer, Vesterhavid.

As well as blast cleaning and painting works we have succesfully carried out works to class including engineering, electricals, hydraulics, freezing / refrigeration, carpentry and wheelhouse / accommodation refit, welding/fabrication plating repairs and replacements, tank cleaning and coatings, marine electronics instalations, fishroom and factory deck refit including Insulation injection fibre glass applications and polyurea encasement applications.

Faroese Vessels – Case Study 1

Faroese Vessels – Case Study 2