PBP Flooring lay self levelling resin compound to private home owners as well as industrial garage floors where traditional floor paints wear and break down over a relatively short period of time due to vehicle run path, wear tracks, vehicle weight and heat transfer from tyres as well as general poor surface adhesion properties between solvent based paints and concrete surfaces which becomes costly due to constant maintenance and repaint costs.

With installation of rapid cure self levelling decorative resin compound this is ideal for long term maintenance free floors which is very robust and hard wearing and guaranteed to stand the test of time with no negative issues compared to that of floor paints.

Garage floors are left with a smooth seamless and self levelling highly decorative floor finish available in any customer choice of blended colours which are easily cleaned and maintained.

Typical systems receive thorough surface preparation followed by bonding primer application.  Once this is complete the self levelling compound is applied with the blended decorative flakes which is then prepared to receive 2 x full coats of resin topseal laquer to enhance strength and final visual appearance.