CUSTOMER: Norwegian Owner


LOCATION: Peterhead Shiplift

Kjelsvik AA

The Norwegian owners arrived for external refit works and entered Peterhead Shiphall on February 2015.

These works included fully blasting and hot metal zinc spraying with a 5 coat paint system to outer hull, trawl decks and factory processing deck. The decks had anti slip epoxy compound applied at 5 – 6mm thickness.  The boat was finished to a very high standard with this treatment, with attention and fine detail to the finishings and signwriting.

Local companies in partnership with PBP carried out the fitting of new factory decks, equipment, refrigeration, engine refit, travel deck rearrangement, hydraulic repairs, electric and electronic works.

A major part of these works was the fishroom refit, which included rearrangement , fibre glass encasement application, insulation injection and Dega anti slip resin compound flooring a specialist application which is robust, aesthetically pleasing and food and drink industry approved.

The owner was highly satisfied with the quality of works, which was efficiently carried out on time and was also impressed with the dedication of staff.

On completion the owners placed an order for 2nd vessel to have similar works carried out.