LOCATION: Peterhead

Skipper John Buchan’s enquiry for work came at a time when PBP Services personnel were already in Denmark, carrying out shot-blasting and repainting work on the Killybegs and Shetland midwater trawlers Aine SO 734 and Altaire LK 429 in Skagen.

This led to us being able to fully shot blast and zinc spray all internal surfaces on Ocean Endeavour, before primer coats were also applied in Denmark.

When Ocean Endeavour returned to Peterhead in September, we completed the rest of the repainting work after the trawler was taken out of the water on Peterhead shiplift.

In order to promote optimum levels of crew safety, the fish deck, internal passageway, the main trawl deck and the top deck from abaft the wheelhouse, were coated with Degafloor hard-wearing non-slip, for which PBP Services are the sole distributors of in Scotland.

The four coat MMA (methyl methacrylate) resin compounds were applied by our personnel who have received training on the full range of our Degafloor treatments. The hard wearing resins, which utilise quartz aggregate that stays suspended at the top surface of the coating to ensure a consistent and textured finish that delivers market leading performance, also comes with anti-slip Lloyds Class Certification as well as food and drinks industry certification for being hygienically cleanable and acid/chemical resistant.

As well as the decks and engine room, Ocean Endeavour was fully painted from mast top to keel using 2 pack paint.