LOCATION: Fraserburgh Shiplift

The wooden hulled Ocean Reaper arrived on Fraserburgh Shiplift for extensive cleaning and painting as requested and planned by proud owner and skipper Ian Duthie.

The hull from top rails to waterline received scraping back to the bare wooden surface to remove 15 years of annually coated old paint in order to achieve like new finish again The bare timber was sanded and sealed with wood primer before receiving 2 full coats of blue undercoat and thereafter a final coat of marine enamel topcoat blue.

The steel protective cladding on the hull and steel deck shelter as well as the trawl doors received blast cleaning back to the bare metal surface followed by hot metal zinc spraying in order to provide enhanced steel protection against corrosion.  After hot metal zinc spraying the steel surfaces received 2 x coats of epoxy primer followed by base coat and topcoat of blue.

Underwater hull area received pressure washing priming and 2 x full coats of TBT free antifouling paint  and also propeller polishing. 

Plans for future scraping of underwater hull back to the bare wooden surface are also under consideration for the next annual refit.   Inboard all bare scaled and blistered paintwork was mechanically sanded, double primed before receiving undercoat and enamel topcoats and non slip deck coatings to leave the Ocean Reaper in prestine coated condition from top of masts to the keel.

Works were supervised by PBP owner Peter Bruce and carried out by his sons and experienced team which left the owner very satisfied with the quality and time taken to complete the works in just over a week.