Stone Cleaning

PBP Services were contacted to clean up natural granite/stone during a rebuild project of an old farm house on a local farm estate. The stone work was badly stained and weather damaged due to the old age of the building which could not be cleaned effectively using pressure washer and stone cleaner. PBP Services mobilised their grit blasting plant and equipment to site where we carried out various trial areas on the stone surfaces with numerous types of grit and various blends and mixes in order to achieve the best possible results of bringing the stone back to life without affecting the surface finish.

Once all stones, lentils, sills and copings were blasted the farm house natural stonework was totally transformed to enhance the appearance. Works helped to provide a more stable and clean spaces between stones prior to builder re pointing works. The owner of the estate was delighted with the efficiency in which the works were carried out as well as the standard and quality of the finished stonework surfaces. Once all new windows and doors and the re pointing works were completed the farm house was totally transformed.

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