Additional Flooring Services

1. Floor Shot Blasting and Surface Preparation

PBP Flooring Solutions have considerable experience in the preparation of surfaces prior to the application of MMA resin flooring, and have invested in state of the art machinery to ensure the highest standards.

The 1-10DPS75 blast-cleaning machine is a versatile complement for any surface preparation application. This machine is perfectly suited for flooring preparation, renovations, maintenance and much more.

The BMG-435WD triple head grinder is designed for various sizes of horizontal surface preparation applications. It is an ideal machine for dealing with removal of coating, concrete grinding or polishing applications.

2. Additional Flooring Services

PBP Flooring Solutions has extensive experience of renovating existing concrete floors, including:

  • Surface preparation prior to recoating or polishing
  • Polishing
  • Application of surface coatings

These techniques are particularly suitable for large industrial areas with pre-existing concrete floors.

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