Core Flooring

The need for hard wearing, reliable, innovative flooring systems that can be installed with minimal disruption has never been greater.

PBP is proud to offer seamless MMA resin flooring systems that meet the needs of today with solutions that will last well into the future.

All resins are supplied by Evonik Industries AG, one of the world's largest chemical companies based in Germany, and number 1 in the supply of MMA resins to the global flooring industry. This German world-leading expertise, along with extensive research and development resources, underpins Evonik's 40 years' experience of producing high quality resins for a broad range of commercial sectors. Widely used in the food and drink, meat and fish processing sectors, these are also applicable to the retail sector, producing highly aesthetic MMA resin flooring.

PBP Flooring Solutions are able to supply MMA resin flooring systems that have certified anti-skid properties as well as Food Conformity certification. These type of floors are easily cleaned and maintained and offer exceptional levels of hygiene with high resistance to wear, water, chemicals and oil.

Every client is different, and PBP can deliver a vast range of solutions to suit all types of business. Understanding customer's problems and delivering innovative solutions is at the heart of the service we offer.

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