Grit / Vapour Blasting

PBP Services was the first to pioneer grit blasting surface preparation and cleaning back to the bare metal surfaces of the Scottish fishing trawlers back in the early 1980s. Grit blasting provides the ultimate in surface cleaning to the industry. It gives the ultimate surface preparation, where all rust, scale and contaminants are cleaned back to the bare metal and bring back ageing and corroding vessels back to like new state.

Grit blasting takes the place of more labour intensive cleaning methods like wire brushing or sanding, and can speed up the surface preparation process by up to 75%.

Here at PBP Services we like to keep up to date with new innovations and is a UK first to have invested in UHP (ultra high pressure) robotic blast cleaning vacuum system which reduces the environmental impact and enhances employee health and safety and welfare standards as well as improving on quality standards and customer value for money. PBP own and operate 4 of these specialist blast cleaning units as well as the robot unit which couples up to these machines it is a very safe and efficient way for blasting larger surface areas.

Also to compliment our mobile blasting operations PBP Services have invested heavily in in-house blast recovery and heated paint spray rooms in order to provide enhanced coating facilities for deck equipment and machinery for anything that can be road transported before fitting onboard. This facility is widely used in the oil and gas industry for high spec works and whether in-house or onboard these works are carried out by trained experienced operators working safely, efficiently and to the highest of standards of which we take great pride in.

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