Marine Painting

Over the years preparations and protective coatings to marine vessels have come a long way with continuous developments and innovations, from the early days of using only a hose, scrubbing brushes, chipping hammers and wire brushes for preparations a tin of red lead primer, oil based paint and coperine anti fouling.

PBP are always at the forefront in utilising new ideas and developments, introducing power sprays for painting in surface preparaton we aslo invested in shotblasting, hot metal zinc spraying as well as waterblasting, more recently we introduced new specialist application methods such as robotic blast cleaning equipment (first in the UK), polyurea plastic encasement, fishroom insulation injection and machine applied fibre glass, insulated and new resin flooring applications which is ideal for numerous areas inc factories, garages, wetrooms to all marine floors.

Today a typical high spec 5 year system consists of blast cleaning, hot metal zinc spray, 2 coats of 2 pack primer, 1 full coat 2 pack base and 1 full coat of 2 pack polyurethane top coat as well as non slip resin compounds to decks in order to provide the ultimate in anti corrosive protection.

Underwater hull preparations can include blast cleaning back to bare metal surfaces, followed by a 5 coat system which includes a TBT free anti flouing application which will protect against hull fouling for up to 3 years and can have significant savings on vessel's fuel consumption.

PBP Services (Scotland) Ltd are based in Scotland but have carried out extensive work all over the UK, Ireland and Europe and have returning customers from Greenland, Faroes, Norway, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Shetland Isles and Cornwall.

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