Insulation Foam Injection/Spraying

PBP Services can offer in-house as well as mobile on site polyurethene spray on and injection insulation foam services. The use of specialised equipment operated by experienced trained operators can be used on a multitude of application using numerous grades of materials depending on customer's requirements.

Insulation properties are higher than any other materials on the market and can be used in applications such as freezer and cold storage rooms and holds, buoyancy and floatation applications, void space applications, dry storage, building, workshop and property applications as well as numerous other applications.

Polyurethane spray-on insulation foam can be applied externally or internally. This can be used to provide excellent heat retention or temperature reduction control, for example in insulation of cold stores. It can be applied internally to roof spaces or buildings ultimately extending the life-span of roofing materials or cladding. It can be applied externally to deteriorating roofs that are cracking and leaking. This is ideal where it is unviable for factory production to shut down on the shop floor. Once applied to the roof exterior, a rubberised sealer is applied over the insulation foam for extra protection.

This system is versatile and can be applied into cavities and voids at unlimited thickness, giving a Class 1 fire protection rating and excellent insulation properties unrivalled by any other materials on the market.

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