Polyurea Encasement

Polyurea is a specialised application which cures within 30 seconds and once applied leaved a rubber/plastic finish. It is maintenance free, meets all health and hygiene requirements, is easily cleaned, extremely tough and corrosion resistant. The application can be used for fish handling decks, also tank lining as it is chemical and oil resistant. Other uses include linings for pipework, water reservoirs, aquariums, swimming pools and basements.

When used on steel surfaces minimal preparation of corroded areas are required; either by aqua blasting or disc sanding. Once this is done, a sealer coat is applied prior to the encasement coating.

The coating can be applied from 2-3 mm thickness upwards. Once applied the application cures within 30 seconds. The encasement now leaves a rubber/plastic type surface which cannot be penetrated by oxygen, moisture, water or salts which in turn means that no corrosion can occur. Areas encased over a period of time have shown no corrosion compared to areas painted as normal during usual maintenance painting.

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