Shot Blasting

At PBP Services we have many years of shotblasting experience. We shotblast a wide range of surfaces such as steel, alloys, granite and wood. Each surface is shotblasted using a different type of blast media in order to achieve the best results. The materials used for shotblasting vary from steel and iron grits, to crushed plastics and glass.

Over the years we have received shotblasting contracts of all sizes and from various industries such as marine, industrial, commercial and oil & gas. As well as mobile plant and equipment for onsite work we also have purpose built shotblasting facilities and heated paint spraying rooms, to where the customers orders can be delivered, and then returned to their premises fully blast cleaned and painted to specification.

Shotblasting is the most effective way of cleaning corrosion from steel and providing a key for paint adhesion purposes.

With both onsite and offsite capabilities PBP Services can mobilise all plant and equipment at short notice in order to carry out customer’s requirements safely and efficiently to the highest of standards. Works are carried out by long serving experienced employees who are highly skilled and trained in all aspects of their work and take great pride in the works they carry out.

An integral part of our team are qualified NACE and ICOR registered coating inspectors who carry out quality inspection and certification works as required in today’s market.

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