Thermal Spraying

Surface preparation is of great importance and benefit. Once shot blasted the steel surfaces are cleaned free from any contaminants such as rust scale and old paint. Once this is done steel surface can then be hot metal sprayed using either zinc or aluminium. This is the ultimate in surface preparation treatment and is commonly used in the marine, oil and gas industry.

Such coating creates the same effect as galvanising. This process is where coils of zinc or aluminium wire are fed through a tungsten steel spray gun fuelled by oxygen and propane which is ignited, thus melting the wire to form a spray. The metallised steel surface can be left uncoated for months or years without any corrosion occurring. The zinc is a form of cathodic protection which will also act as sacrificial protection to the underlying steel surface if damaged. A blasted and hot metal coated surface provides an excellent key for adhesion purposes prior to coating applications. This will give unrivalled protection against corrosion.

At our own facilities we are set up to carry out TSA applications to all structures which can be transported by road haulier to many oil and gas customers whose requirements consist of flare stalks, heat shields, subsea risers and components as well as xmas trees and valves which are then transported to locations worldwide.

PBP Services offer a mobile service where plant and equipment can be mobilised at short notice and works are carried out by trained and experienced operators at customer’s site locations.

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