UHP Water Cleaning

UHP water blasting is often the preferred choice where dry blast cleaning is not practical. The main advantage being that the process is a lot cleaner for the environment which in turn safes the customer money from clearing and disposal of grit that would be required if dry blast cleaning.

This method of surface preparation cleans corrosion and old paint back to the bare metal surface using only water at a high pressure up to 45000 psi or 3200 bar. By focusing and pressurizing the water stream, the force generated can remove films and materials such as paint, metal, rubber, sealants and membranes etc.

PBP own and operate 4 of these specialist blast cleaning units as well as a robot unit which couples up to these machines it is a very safe and efficient way for blasting larger surface areas. These machines can also be mobilised to the customer’s site with our trained operators to service their requirements.

During UHP water blasting the surface is cleaned back to the bare metal where any steelwork, machined faces or critical surfaces are left undamaged which can occur during dry blasting operations. Once the surface is blasted it is then ready for coating to the customer’s specification, in order to give up to 15 years protection against corrosion provided it is maintained properly.

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