Stone Carpet is a highly decorative seamless resin compound bound with highly decorative round stones imported in from Italy which can be laid to many internal surfaces to the likes of car showrooms or garden centres as well as any outdide surfaces such as paths, patios and driveways either under new construction or to re vitalised tired and deteriorating surfaces.

Surfaces are always prepared and cleaned which includes cutting out of cracks or loose base surfaces.  Once this is completed a bonding primer is then applied to the surfaces and any cracks or holes are repaired using a resin repair compound to give any treated repairs added strength prior to application of the Stone Carpet.  Once prepared and primed the resine based stone carpet is then installed by skilled trained applicators.  Which leaves a highly decorative and high tensile strength seamless and impermiable surface which is frost and waterproof as well as UV light resistant .  After the resin bound stone carpet compound is applied 2 x resin top sealer coats are applied to leave the surface visually attractive which inevitably can totally transform any surfaces applied to.