Quality Policy Statement

PBP Services is committed to achieve the highest standards of quality within all its business activities and to maintain their continuous improvement. We, at PBP Services, have developed, implemented and maintain a quality management system based on the following principles:

  • A high focus on customer satisfaction when blasting and painting of customer equipment
  • Awareness that the quality of the painted equipment depends on the effective and efficient control of the work through the various preparation, blasting and painting processes
  • Reviewing of the company quality policy and quality objectives, at least once a year during the management review meeting
  • Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction through regular contact and post-job feedback
  • Management of the company processes and resources in a planned, efficient and controlled manner
  • Promotion and implementation of continual improvement through evaluation feedback communication with operators and customer's input
  • Involvement and training of all personnel in relevant activities.
  • Communication of PBP’s values regarding quality and the quality management system.
  • The application of this policy is the responsibility of the senior management of PBP Services. Policy will be reviewed annually by management and where deemed necessary will be amended and re-issued. Previous versions of this policy are archived.
  • All employees are expected to contribute towards the implementation and efficiency of the Quality Management System in relation to their assigned duties.
  • This policy is available to relevant interested parties, upon reasonable request.


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