PBP Services were contacted by a main construction company to seal fibre glass tanks internal surfaces with polyurea encasement application.

Polyurea the fast instant cure rubber/plastic elastomeric encasement coating was supplied and applied internally to fibre glass storage tanks, used for the scrubbing process of turning food waste into methane gas, which could heat up to 90,000 homes daily in Glasgow.

The decision to use polyurea came down to the elastromeric properties of the product, which would provide a double rubber like plastic skin/seal within the tank to give double protection against seepage of the acidic water and would enhance the design and life span of the tanks.

The 2 x tanks each measuring 20m x 14m required the floors and lower levels seal coated in order to contain and hold the waste from the scrubbing process.

Once on site PBP set up all plant and equipment and with trained operators working 12 hour shifts over 5 days in challenging conditions, where they prepared the surfaces, applied primers and the pure polyurea encasement application.

When the polyurea encasement is applied it is to heated to 70° through plural heated specialised equipment, the product instantly starts drying and is fully cured within 30 seconds giving a rubber plastic like finish it’s unrivalled turnaround meant the tanks were back in operation immediately.

This product can be used on steel, concrete, wood, fibre glass and many more surfaces it is ideal for bunding, sealing, masonry, concrete basements, anti corrosive protection, weather proofing etc and has a multitude of uses to industries and applications.