CUSTOMER: Faroe Islands


LOCATION: Peterhead Ship Hall

The 40 metre Rokur and Lerkur pair trawlers arrived in Peterhead from the Faroe Islands. 

The Rokur being the first to arrive in May and the Lerkur arrived in June, these trawlers were to have extensive works carried out.

Each trawler was water blasted and all deck surfaces, winches, pipe works, deck works, gantry’s superstructures, outer mull were all dry grit blasted. All surfaces were then hot metal zinc sprayed in order to achieve enhanced anti corrosive protection.

Both the Rokur and the Lerkur had 2 coats of 2 pack primer, 1 coat of 2 pack base, last coat applied was 2 pack top coat these are applied in order to provide a 5 year coating system .

2 year anti fouling application was also applied.

Other works carried out included fitting new lighting and electrical works, fabrication, repairs of steelwork as well as replacing of hydraulic pipework and fittings, propellers polished, fitting of zinc annodes.

Due to our detailed planning and organisation all works were carried out ahead of schedule and within budget leaving the owners highly satisfied.