LOCATION: Fraserburgh

In our purpose built heated small vessel repair and paint shop PBPs first job undertaken was on the small racing sail boat “Saga” which we carefully worked on in order to produce the highest of standards in order to deliver a first class quality job which left Saga Owner delighted with the end result “Thanks for the pictures – the boat looks fantastic!” he said

Pressure washed down hull and inboard
Scraped and sanded down hull and inboard, cleaned down and vaacumed cleaned all surfaces in preparation for coating
Applied wood primer to bare and exposed woodwork, sanded and varnished rails and woodwork, applied gold leaf to stern name, applied 2 coats of 2 pack polyurethene to hull topsides and bottom, applied 2 coats polyurethene to waterline.

Deck / seat areas Carbosil fibre glass filler to chips and scours, sanded and applied primer base coat with dried silica sand non slip broadcast, applied 2 x polyurethene cream topcoats over silica sand broadcast.

Internal sides Applied wood primer, applied two coats Interlac signal grey enamel, applied 1 x thinned coat Danish oil to top surface and 1 x thinned coat bitumastic to underside followed by two full coats of Danish oil to top surface and 2 x full coats bitumastic to underside of deck boards. 

Carpenter returned to fit and give deck boards top surface final sand and full coat of Sadolin 5 year rosewood finish.

Pressure wash down top cover fit ready for collection.