CUSTOMER: Faroe Islands

LOCATION: Fraserburgh

Works were to the Sjagaklettur completed ahead of schedule (3 weeks) and on budget which left the owners very satisfied with all the works completed.

The Sjagaklettur is one of many vessels who contacted PBP to fully refurbish the factory deck surfaces which were badly corroded and a number of thin guage metal sheet cladding were deteriorating and opening up at the joints.

The Faroese factory trawler arrived in Fraserburgh for class works, blast cleaning and painting. These works included dry docking hull and deck plate survey, engineering shaft and seal inspection seacock and valve service, trawl deck, stern ramp re plating hydraulic, electrical replacements/repairs as well as factory deck refit blasting and coating.

On arrival the 46m Faroese trawler immediately entered the dry dock where pressure washing and detergent clean down was carried out to hull inboard and inside factory decks. Once completed waterblasting units were set up in order to UHP blast all corroded areas inboard on hull and inside factory deck to prepare for painting. All blast cleaned areas then received 2 full coats of 2 pack epoxy primer and full coat of 2 pack base coat before completely painting from top of the mast to keel.

PBP completely UHP blast cleaned the factory deck, deck heads, bulk heads and walls which were even more challenging due to the amount of factory equipment in the area. Once this was completed all surfaces were fully primed and polyurea encasement was applied to all metal surfaces including bulkheads, deckheads and walls to leave a rubber like plastic hygenically cleanable surface, it also strengthened and sealed up all deck head thin gauge metal panels and joints. the polyeuea encasement will be maintenance free for years to come.

PBP was the first company to introduce this specialised hygenic cleanable product into the fishing industry in order to enhance and improve fish handling areas.

The factory deck surfaces were also treated with food and drinks industry certified floor resin anti slip compounds.

Not only PBP UK based customers has benefited from this refit process but we also have numerous customers coming to have this treatment done from as far afield as Greenland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark & Ireland.