During construction of private swimming pool PBP Flooring Solutions were contacted to apply resin bonded solution to poured concrete pool, internal surfaces as well as pool floor surrounds, showers and changing areas within the private home owners newly constructed home.

The large swimming pool internal surfaces were prepared as well as all surrounding floors and changing / shower areas with the aim to provide an impermiable non slip, easy cleaned, maintainable and highly decorative quality finish.

Pool internals and floors received resin fillers where required during surface preparation followed by resin bonding primer applications to all surfaces internally as well as to all floor surrounds.

Pool internals then received a sprayed on 3 coat system with decorative sky blue/white flake finish to walls and floors with the access ramp receiving sky blue/white decorative anti slip quartz for safe entry into the pool.

Once pool internals were completed all other floors received preparations and 4 coat decorative anti slip resin bonded system which matched and contrasted nicely with the natural stone used to construct all internal walls as well as all hardwood doors and surround finishes.

Installed by experienced and methodical installers the resin application system complies with all health and safety as well as hygiene standards.

Only the highest of quality sourced resin is used by PBP which will cure and set ready to go into service only 2 hours after application.  The system is not affected by UV light or water submersion and is also chemical and acid resistant.

On completion of works the owners were absolutely delighted with the installation process provided by PBP as well as the quality of the product and the high visual standards of the applications to the pool internals as well as the pool surrounds.