At National Grid and Transco the contract involved working with National Grid and Transco pipeline engineers, pipeline construction team and independent paint inspectors. Prior to works all revelent method statements, risk assessments and paint COSHH sheets were supplied along with plant and equipment certification for suitability of use.

The scope of works included setting up of all plant and equipment. The station was live, completely constructed and landscaped. Particular attention was taken when masking off and screening in order to protect the surrounding surfaces and environment from overblast damage during blasting and overspray during painting.

All pipework was shotblasted to S.A.2.5 to remove all paint and corrosion to leave a blast profile of 50 – 60 microns. Once the surface was cleaned a 4 coat isosynate free paint system was applied to leave a Dry Film thickness of 400 – 500 microns. All overcoating times and film thickness were strictly adhered to and was inspected by our own Institute of Corrosion registered paint inspector who measured and metered wet and dry film thicknesses as works progressed. The works were completed to a very high standard and will achieve a 20 year barrier against corrosion.

All health and safety requirements were strictly adhered to and our team went through a site competency course. The works were carried out safely and efficiently and were completed ahead of schedule leaving

Once works were complete the site was cleaned and all plant and equipment was removed leaving everybody involved with the contract very impressed.