Work programme included stripping out linings where required, and creating new storage freezer room, extending blast freeze tunnel, insulating, spray lining surfaces with fibre glass, creating insulated floor and opening up new access hatch into fish room. Re-install all electrics and blast freeze units and fitting stinaless steel sorting tables, edge protection, hand wash sink, soap dispenser and hand dry air unit.

The hold was also extensively re-insulated and all wall and floor surfaces encased in fibre glass, which adds to the health and hygiene of storage hold which in turn enhances the quality of the product on offer. Once cargo hold was complete, it was inspected by the Faroese veterinary and factory standards agency who were left very impressed with the standards of works achieved.

Engineering works included servicing and rebuilding generators, machining and rebuilding new rudder shaft and servicing and fitting new seals to rudder steering box to DNV class specification.

Fabrication included lowering of line coiler framework and beam, removing large gantry, and fitting new aluminium deck shelter. Cleaning, descaling and applying water lining coating to drinking water tanks. Fitting of new crane, and re-piping of hydraulic pipework where required. Various carpentry work was also carried out inside wheelhouse galley and shower room. The vessel also had various waterblasting at 30,000 psi back to the bare metal of internal deck work which was also painted up to a high standard. Non slip trowel applied deck compound was also applied to aft working deck and polyurea self levelling compound was applied to internal food store, shower and galley areas. Also arranged was the hull plate thickness survey for DNV, ship’s liferaft servicing, medical chest servicing and supplies of stores etc.

All works were carried out closely with the owners from start to finish, resulting in them being very satisfied.