CUSTOMER: Killybegs


LOCATION: Drydock Leith

Killybegs midwater trawler Veronica dry-docked at Leith.

The Killybegs midwater trawler Veronica D 95 was fully repainted by ourselves in just four days in May 2015 when the vessel was berthed in the Imperial dry-dock at Leith.

As soon as the 56m Veronica was positioned in the 168m dry-dock operated by Dales Marine Services, our highly experienced PBP services team started to operate day and night shifts to ensure a quick turnaround as agreed with the vessel’s owners Atlantic Dawn Fishing Ltd.

After the hull and superstructure were fully washed down and degreased, an extensive repainting schedule was implemented. This work included mechanical preparation of all abraded wear areas on the outer hull, deck and across the transom to which two coats of Sigma 2-pack primer which were subsequently applied. Epoxy Base coats over primers and Sigma 2-pack polyurethene full coats were then applied to the outer hull and superstructure.

All deck surfaces were treated with Sigma 2-pack polyurethane deck screed while the underwater hull was coated with a Sigma underwater primer followed by one full coat of Sigma TBT free self-polishing anti fouling paint.

As well as being responsible for the dry docking arrangements, Dales Marine Services fitted a new transducer housing and a split coupling shaft seal to class, as well as completing various other fabrication repair works.

Veronica is the latest in a long succession of pelagic vessels from north-east Scotland, Shetland and Ireland to be refitted in the Imperial drydock at Leith by PBP Services.