LOCATION: Peterhead Shiphall

Viking Senior Salmon Well Boat

PBP Services mobilised 4 x UHP blast units and a team of fully trained experienced operators to fully blast clean the Viking Senior using modern specialist equipment. The vessel was fully blast cleaned inboard as well as from waterline up on the hull in order to minimise time spent inside shiphall and was completed after only 4 days working 12 hr shifts.

Once removed from the water the vessel was taken inside the shiphall where the underwater hull was fully blast cleaned and the internal salmon holding tanks were also blast cleaned where required and coated with certified tank coatings for food products. These works were completed within 48hrs of leaving the water.

The vessel was then cleaned down to remove all scaled rust and paintwork in order to make ready for the protective coating application , during the blast cleaning care was taken not to damage the underlying hot metal zinc coating which resulted in cost saving of re-application of zinc metallise.

We commenced inside the shiphall, applying a five coat paint system, being in the shiphall was beneficial as we lost no time to adverse weather conditions. Coating applications included all blasted surfaces receiving 2 full coats of 2 pack primer, 1 full coat of 2 pack tie coat, 2 coats of topcoat to all surfaces above waterline and 2 coats of non-slip coatings to decks. Underwater hull received 2 primer coats, 1 tie coat and 2 TBT free self polishing anti fouling paint.

Other works included welding fabrication repairs, pipe work re fitted and hydraulic repairs, water pumps and sea inlet valves stripped and services, mechanical repairs and engine serviced.

All works were completed over a 3 week period in order to supply a speedy turnaround.